Kontext keeps you up to date on Crypto, by tracking all links shared by our curated set of Crypto Twitter accounts.
We hope Kontext helps you to learn about Crypto without spending too much time scrolling through Twitter all day.
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And fixing Twitter is just the start. With Kontext, we aim to curate all your feeds.
Kontext = Web3
Web3 is all about personalization:Instead of Twitter controlling your data and your feed, we let you own your data and use it to personalize your feed.
Imagine having full access to your curated history of likes, retweets, ratings from Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and Google.Combining this data provides a way more accurate representation of your online identitythan any of these companies ever will have, by keeping your data isolated in their silos.
By allowing you to fully own your data, Kontext will provide you with personalization superior to any web2 feed.Our first version filters content from Crypto Twitter, to show you the latest news about tokens, DeFi, NFTs, etc.
Superior personalization will define web3, by creating value across all markets which benefit from improved content discovery. Kontext aims to capture this value, and distribute it to stakeholders.
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